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5 Ways To Glam Up Your Accessories

Sometimes we all get stuck doing the same boring style routine over and over again. At times, this can really leave you feeling a bit meh. A simple way to change things up is updating your accessories. The smallest of changes can affect how you feel and make you more motivated for the upcoming day. It can feel like a step in the right direction to making you feel happier.

So here are five ways to do just that simply by adding some new fashion jewellery staples into your life!


Everyday Essentials  

 Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but little faux ones are your soulmate. Less definitely means more when it comes to everyday fashion and earrings are always a good starting point. A great example of a simple pair of earrings that will make you feel good are The Maguire Stud Earrings. This pair are so simple, yet stunning to wear with any outfit and are less than £7. The simplest of designs can make a difference to any outfit and make you feel way more glam.



Don’t Be Swayed By The Crowd

This may be an obvious answer but sometimes gets forgotten. Wear something you like, not because your friends or a celebrity likes it. It is not always about how you look, it is about how you feel you look. When you go try on an outfit in a shop that you do not like, but your friends think you look amazing in, what do you do? You either buy it and never wear it again, or you leave it and try something else. The same applies to jewellery. It is all about self confidence and making you feel great.

Subtle types will love The Amour Necklace (£9.95), a double butterfly design with silver coloured chain and diamante detailing; dainty yet oh so pretty.

Bold fashionistas may be more inclined to our Inverno Earrings (£8.95), lace cutwork design in a silver alloy material which were made for those who love the oversize earring trend this season!



Wear Something That Suits You

This is similar to the last point but should not get confused to be the same. If you are a petite person, wearing big bulky necklaces will not suit you as it will take up most of your neckline and make you look smaller. The Celestial Necklace, £9.95) would be a better fit as it draws the eye and compliments your dainty figure.

Trial and error is how you find out what suits you best while keeping in mind what you like to wear. A good tip is to get inspiration from different people around you, so you can find new designs that you may not have thought to try.

Another factor you may not have considered is wearing something that compliments any tattoos you have. Many people nowadays have tattoos, but jewellery can sometimes contrast with it. A good way to enhance those body decorations is matching up your tattoo designs with your accessories. If you have star tattoos, try our Mira Starlet Earrings (£12.95) for size. Got nature tattoos? Then maybe our dragonfly design Nephele Earrings (£7.95) would be spot on. Simple ideas like this can make your look.



Newer The Better

Every girl loves updating her wardrobe, but you also need to keep your jewellery collection up to date. Wearing a new piece of jewellery can make you excited to show it off, ensures you feel fabulous and really brightens up your mood even if you know that you have a tough day ahead.

However, you don’t need to go with ridiculously overpriced fine jewellery because most of us mere mortals will not be able to afford to do this very often. But every payday you should treat yourself to a gorgeous new piece of jewellery to wear and that’s where couture fashion jewellery makes its mark. The Mansfield Necklace is definitely our next payday favourite for only £11.95 – what will yours be?



Mix and Match Jewellery

A great way of making your jewellery purchases go further is to buy pieces you can easily mix and match for different looks. Love stars? Then purchasing The Celestial Necklace, The Mira Starlet Earrings and the Illumi Necklace will leave you starry eyed. Create different looks when you pair the earrings with each necklace!

Or take a bangle like our much-loved Oxford Bangle (£.9.95) and then treat yourself to a few different pairs of earrings that all match with it. We love The Delaunay Studs, The Cherie Earrings and Noces Earrings with this bangle!



At Jasmine Harper, we have a special piece to suit every type of person and we hope this guide gives you inspiration into glamming up your outfit and making you smile. Click here to start shopping!

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